Final countdown to Valentine’s Day… Best time to draw the attention of laggards. Don’t lose hope, because you still have couple of days to run a smart campaign. Believe in us that people are rushing around to shop. They are always seeking something unordinary as a gift. Guess who will feather the nest with email marketing campaigns? You!

So, how do you think you beat the pants off your competitors? Answer is simple; with an attractive subject line 🙂


We have analyzed too many emails, couple of words, and subject lines till now; here are the important points we came up;
1.Use clear and plain sentences
When we analyze the email campaigns with high open and click-through rates, we always seeing plain sentences with clear meanings. It is really important to make your subscribers understand what you offer.

For example;
Countdown! Make your romantic dinner reservation for Valentine’s on X Restaurant now!
Need chocolate? Come and get the best chocolate for Valentine’s from Y Bakery


2. Arouse the feeling of urgency for making reservations, missing the season or products in stock.
If you give specific time or time interval on your subject lines, people will definitely feel that they are about to miss a deal or an opportunity. We need to say that, the emails arousing that feeling, has high open rates.

For example;
Special offer for February
Last 3 days for a romantic Dinner on Valentine’s
Special campaign finishes on Feb. 13th


While creating great subject lines, make sure that you are offering related products and services that will help your subscribers to have good time on Valentine’s.
You may say ‘Here it comes Valentine’s Day! Surprise your Love with fest tickets’, and then you need to provide the content to buy these tickets.

3. Keep the subject lines as short as possible.
The best subject lines should have 35 characters max. Sit back and think how you can express yourself in 35 characters, be charming and be related to the email content at the same time.
‘Your Girlfriend will LOVE IT!’

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