Hotmail has started replacing some symbol characters into images that are 19×19 pixel ’emoji’ GIF images in size. Variety of symbol characters that are being converted such as © ®,™,(♥),(♠),(♣),(♥) and(♦).

Even if you use them in your subject line or in the content of your email, they will appear as an image. This situation will occur in all browsers like Internet explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Below shows how Copyright symbol appears in Hotmail and Outlook.

Copy Right Image

How it affects your emails?

With the Hotmail new change, recipients will see these symbols bigger, in different colors and it will distract readers when they open up the message.

On the other hand, this new feature will disturb designers or email creators as well. They will be seen mostly in marketers’ footers and pre-headers.

How to Prevent Hotmail from replacing your special characters?

Here are our suggestions;

  • Segment your list for your hotmail user database and to convert the special characters into question.
  • Instead of using symbols, you can use images in your emails.
  • Use the word  Trademark or (TM) and “copyright” or (c) instead of the symbols.

Until Hotmail fixes this issue, we found some useful articles to get you some quick solutions for your email marketing.

Email Design Review reported the Hotmail’s new feature problem on the emails and gave us a quick solutions for how to stop Hotmail replacing your special characters. I hope our information will help you to get through this situation.

If you have any comments or further information about this new feature, let us know in the comments.