If you are hosting a networking event, conference or seasonal events, social media will help you to promote your event and raise awareness and attendance. You can try these social media promotion tips to promote your upcoming events and accomplish your goals;

Upload pictures of the events to services such as Flickr or Picasa. You can also create a group in Flickr so everyone can share photos of the event. You can upload videos of the event to the video sharing site such as YouTube.

Create an event page and post it online. You can create Facebook event and registration page. Promote the event on social sites such as twitter and Linkedin and also try to promote it in your newsletters and your blogs.

Create a landing page. Create an event specific landing page, so you can promote your event easily in social media sites. You can try EventBride or BrownpaperTickets for online registration and ticket buying.

Shorten and customize your URL. You can try bitly or goo.gl to shorten your URL in order to save some space on sites like twitter where you can have limited space.

Cross-promote. You can post your event on some other professional sites calendar. It will give an opportunity to reach out new audiences for your event. You can try to use some sites like Eventful or Yelp to post your event on their calendar, so people can be updated about the event and they can get an opportunity to track your event.

Create hashtags on twitter. Include hashtag by using as many key words as possible.  After you include hashtags on your promotional event, you can create search column in your twitter dashboard in order to check what people are saying about the event.

Use Location. Use location-based services such as foursquare. People can check the events through their smart phones or other devices.

Use broadcast channels.  You can turn your event into a small slide show. You can give some information from the event or conference on the slide show. Slideshare or Youtube are some examples where you can create and insert links onto your event page and begin to link to the event site from those channels.

Follow up. Follow up with attendees after the event and thank them for coming to your event and ask for feedback. You can post pictures and videos directly or give links to the page. For your next event you can also link to your past event and show it to future attendees.

Social media is your secret weapon for promoting your event. Well, it’s actually no secret because everyone is using it. However, the majority of people don’t utilize it correctly or vastly underutilize the resources available. What you need is a comprehensive event marketing guide that takes you by the hand and walks you every step of the way from pre-event promotion to post-event marketing. Contrary to what many believe, there’s so much more to it than just sending posts and the occasional selfie.

What have you done to use social media to promote your events? I’d love to hear your experience!