Are you looking for a straightforward way to connect with your customers and provide your recipients with something of value? If so, you may want to consider using an auto responder sequence in your email marketing.

Auto responders have a lot to offer the email marketer. They are effective, easy to set up and best of all, once you have created them, they just keep working with no time or effort on your part. If you’re a busy business owner or marketer, an auto responder series can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you grow your business.

How do auto responders work?
Auto responders are automated emails which are triggered by certain actions.

Auto responders usually take the form of multiple emails sent at predetermined intervals, usually with a few days or a week in between each one. This format can be used to deliver content (for example an online course or guide) in a series of steps, or a series of follow up emails after someone has purchased a product or performed a certain action on your site.

This technique is so effective because it works on the principle of exposure. For most businesses, if you are going to make a successful sale, your potential customers need to be exposed to your brand a number of times first. Providing them with a free course or guide gives you the opportunity to expose them to your brand and build your authority and trust with them.

As well as building your authority and gaining your readers’  trust, auto responders can be used to promote your products or even affiliate products and services.

One major advantage of auto responders over single emails is that they are extremely targeted. You can configure them so that your recipients have to subscribe (as in a course or series of tips), or to be triggered by certain activity (for example viewing a certain page or following a specific link in a previous email).

If you send your emails to people who have asked to receive them, or who you know are already interested in certain products or services there’s a much higher chance they’ll be opened, and far less chance they will be marked as spam and therefore lead to reduced rates of deliverability.

How can I use auto responders to grow my business?
Auto responders can be used in a number of different ways for set and forget email marketing. You can use them to deliver content via an online course or series which your recipients subscribe to. You can also use them to follow up with customers who may have made a purchase, to seek feedback or promote affiliate products and generate passive income.

The best thing about auto responders is that although they might take a little while to create, once you’ve got them set up, they can keep running by themselves while you get on with other things. If you’re not yet taking advantage of auto responders in your business, why not give it a go? You might be surprised at the results!

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