Email marketing and social media are a match made in heaven and with Twitter’s lead generation cards it just got easier to use Twitter to boost your email subscribers and nurture your new leads.

Keen to get started using Twitter to boost up your email list numbers? Here’s how it works.

Twitter has recently released a number of new tools for businesses to grow their reach with social media and their new lead generation cards are among the most useful for email marketers. If you have a following on Twitter, you can use lead generation cards to grow your subscriber list by promoting it to Twitter users and giving them a place to subscribe straight to your list without leaving Twitter.

What is Twitter’s Lead Generation Card?

Lead Generation cards are an advertising feature on Twitter that let businesses build their email marketing lists within Twitter. While it is still in its early stages, lead generation cards are already showing a lot of potential from the point of view of email marketing.

Twitter lead generation cards were created to make it easier for users to subscribe to business mailing lists without having to go to multiple locations, but they have also proven to be highly beneficial to businesses that want to make it easier to grow their email lists.

With a Twitter lead generation card, you can promote your list every time you post, and your followers can subscribe straight to your list. Once they have subscribed you can nurture them and build relationships with them through sending carefully created emails to them on a regular basis.

1. Set up your lead generation card.

This is a fairly easy process that is done by clicking on the Ads page, going to “start new campaign” and following the steps outlined there. You will need to create a short description of your business, and tell people how they can benefit from signing up to your list. If you have a piece of free content or a special offer as an incentive this can be a huge help. Add an image and a call to action and your card is complete.

2. Determine your target audience.

Use targeting options to show your card to users who are likely to be interested in your business. Once you have set your targeting options and launched your campaign, your lead generation card will be visible in the home timelines of your targeted users.

3. Add leads to your email list.

Once Twitter users have given you their information you can either arrange for their details to be added directly into your email marketing provider or you can download them as a CSV spreadsheet and import them into your email platform.

How to nurture your leads

Once people start signing up through your Twitter lead generation cards it’s important that you don’t just ignore them. Whether or not a lead becomes profitable to your business depends largely on how much nurturing and attention they get from you.

Leads gathered through Twitter are different to leads that have signed up directly to your email list via your website. This means it’s a good idea to create specific content for them, at least in the beginning. Because Twitter cards are still relatively new, many people don’t realise how they work. Your new subscriber may only know you by your twitter handle so you will need to begin at the beginning and invite them to download relevant content, or ask them to subscribe to your regular email list.

Twitter’s Lead Generation cards give you a fantastic opportunity to turn your social media followers into leads and nurture them to becoming customers. Now you can reach even more people with your email marketing!

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