Every company wants loyalty from its customers. Unluckily, even if there is no reason you might lose your valuable customers; because there is always a competition everywhere, in every field. In this tough competition, losing customers won’t come as a surprise. But regaining your customers is always within the bounds of possibility.

Here are some tips for you which help you gaining back your clients:

Group current customers according to their behaviours:
Conduct some research among buying habits of your customers. If your company is keeping records of purchasing behaviour of its customers on a CRM system or on an e-commerce tool, well great news, you can easily reach records and examine those in order to find out their buying behaviour. Find out their previous visit to your website and track when they last bought a product or service from you. After determining last time of their shopping divide them into two main groups: one consist of customers who have bought at least one product or service in 6 months-12 months, and the other one contains people who haven’t bought from you in the recent year. You have classified your customers and have two basic groups according to their activity. Now you should create different e-mail contents for these two groups; because they include different type of customers.

Send personal e-mails to your customers:
Great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. While understanding their needs and expectations from your company you should engage better with your customers. When it comes to e-mail marketing this engagement means that “more personalized the e-mail content and subject more you have better relationship with your customers. For instance, call your customers by their first names. Use that salutation in the e-mail subject lines to attract notice. Say: “ Hello dear Anna, we missed you!” or “ Happy Birthday Micheal – Surprise Inside! Studies showed personalized subject lines get up to 22.3 percent more opens than emails without personalization.

Second important part of establishing a relationship with the customer is getting feedback from your customers. You may ask them questions. For example for a customer is not recently active, you can ask “Why don’t you keep shopping on our website?” You can offer them different credit card payment types. Moreover you may offer them discount coupons.

Here is an example of how one of the companies have applied that tactic:
Use the subject line: “ We miss you Ellen” and give a specific time and due date for the coupon inside of the e-mail.

Use the subject line: “ We miss you and here is a special %15 discount for you” This subject line can turn passive client into active ones, attract them to visit your website and buy your products.

After explaining those methods now we could tell how Sendloop helps you for those scenarios:
Use Sendloop’s drag-and-drop e-mail editor and create fabulous e-mails. Plus, you don’t have to know about HTML coding for having these e-mails. Within few minutes you will come up with the exact e-mail that you wish to send to your customers.
You could use A/B testing to see which e-mail subject line gets more click. You could track e-mail open rates real-timely.
Within the scope of Sendloop you could segment your subscribers and treat differently for each customer segment.

For the last words, we suggest you not to waste time and visit Sendloop. Sign up and start to apply those helpful tactics. In the long run, you will not only have better relationship with the existing customers but also win back your customers that you have lost.

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