How many of your newsletters and emails were deleted or sent into a spam folder by your customers who just read your subject line? Have you ever thought how much afford you give when you create a subject line? When you send out email campaigns or email to your subscribers your subject lines literarily bring you the success or lost. We did the research and  analyzed the open rates for 55 million emails.  Open rates are ranged from %87 to dismal %0.2. We saw that personal messages are at the top of the open rate scale. Offers, which are too good to be true, are placed at the bottom of our scale.

Here are some tips for you to write the better email subject lines for your subscribers;

Keep subjects short

Try to keep the subject line short. The subject line should not be longer than 50 characters. If you think some details are more important then say it first. You may prevent those details to be removed. If you keep the subject line long, many of your subscribers will remove your email into trash or junk mail folder. Keep your subject line simple and straight to the point. try to be descriptive and provide your subscriber with a reason to explore your message further.

Personalize your emails 

Try to personalize your emails. Make the recipients think they know the sender. A subject line such as “Hi Sophia, here’s”… will be opened more than “here’s”…. without giving the recipients name. You will think that this email is from someone you don’t know. So do you open it? Sure you don’t.

Localize your emails

Try to localize your emails as well. Your readers need to see where those emails come from. Give your location such as city name. This information also affects the open rate.

Avoid spammy words

Try not to make your emails look like spam for your readers. The spam like words such as “you won $200.000”, “help”, “huge discount”, make the newsletter or email to be seen by your recipients as a spam. You can use promotions of course, but try not to make “free” or “10%” discount your first word.

Create curiosity

You can create a curiosity or mystery with your subject. Such as” Here is the secret to gain revenue from your email campaign”.

Make an announcement

You can make an announcement or give information. For example, “ABC Company shows how to increase the open rates”.

Show benefits & advantages

You can highlight how your subscribers get an advantage or benefit after they read your post. Such as “Discover tactics for your next email campaigns that will bring you success”.

Include numbers and timely information

You can include numbers and timely information like “10 Email Marketing trends for 2012”.

Do not repeat the subject Lines

Do not repeat the subject line while sending newsletters or emails to your recipients. Also if you repeat or remind same campaigns or emails over and over again, it will drop open rates.

If you apply above tips, the number of subscribers who open and read your email or newsletter will severely increase.

I gave you some tips according to our research results, however there is no specific formula for this. So you need to take an action and test your emails open rates each time you are sending campaigns.