Welcome emails have the highest open rate of any marketing email according to Epsilon, with a 50-60% chance of being opened. Research has also shown that customers who receive welcome emails are more likely to engage with your business over the long haul, which means that if you aren’t sending welcome emails to your new subscribers and customers you could be missing out on a big opportunity.

So how can you ensure your welcome emails make the right impression?

Although your welcome emails should be as unique as your brand, there are a few things that great welcome emails have in common. These are:

  • A warm introduction. This usually includes the words “thank you”, or “welcome”. Whatever form of greeting and introduction you choose it should be friendly and fit with your brand’s voice and style.
  • A real name in the from field. This is your chance to make your email engaging and personal and having a real person’s name in the from field allows you to build that personal connection from the start.
  • They introduce or reinforce the benefits of joining. Everyone likes to know what’s in it for them, and telling your recipients what perks they can expect to receive makes them feel validated that they have made the right choice signing up.
  • A special introductory deal or discount. Why not start off on a good note by giving your new subscribers a special deal? As well as creating goodwill, welcome discounts and offers can also get them started on the road to becoming loyal, paying customers.
  • A call to action. Important on every email you send, your call to action shouldn’t be forgotten on your welcome email. The call to action is a great way to invite your new subscribers to visit your website or make an online purchase.

Just like all your other emails, your welcome email should have an eye catching design, and be optimised to work well on mobile.

Welcome emails provide a great opportunity for you to encourage your new subscribers to sign up to your Facebook page or follow you on twitter. Don’t forget to add in your social media links so they can do this easily and encourage them to like, share and forward your content to their friends.

By making the most of your welcome emails you can get off on the right foot with your new subscribers and increase your chances of turning them into long term, loyal and engaged customers.

What do you think makes a great welcome email? Share your thoughts below.

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