One of the most important and unique features of Sendloop is to preview your email design on various popular email clients before you send out your campaign.

This gives you great ability to make your email compatible with all email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and more.

Why is it so important?

Unfortunately there’s no any email standard supported by all email clients. This means that your HTML email can be displayed different in each email client.

To avoid this, you must perform tests on each email client your subscribers use and make your newsletter compatible.

At this point, Sendloop gives you ability to perform previews on various email clients with a single click!


In just a few minutes, screen shots (both images on and images off screen shots) will be displayed on your Sendloop screen: Currently, Sendloop can take screen shots of your newsletter in following email clients:

  • AOL Web
  • Gmail
  • Windows Live (Hotmail)
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 (coming soon)
  • more coming soon…