Unbounce is the ultimate landing page builder and A/B testing tool. It provides an easy to use user interface to build awesome landing pages and a/b test them to reach the highest conversion rates.

One of the most exciting feature in Unbounce is ability to publish a conversion form on your landing page, such as subscription form, sign-up form or a contact form.

While it’s great to get leads on your landing page, it will be much better if you can send an immediate “Welcome” email to them or request email address confirmation. In this post, we will be explaining you how to integrate your Unbounce landing page with your Sendloop subscriber list, in just 60 seconds!

  1. Login to your Sendloop account
  2. Click “Settings” link on the top left menu
  3. Click “Integrations” tab on the settings page
  4. Scroll down the page and click “Unbounce” link
  5. Select the target subscriber list you want to integrate your Unbounce landing page
  6. Once the subscriber list is selected, Sendloop will display you available subscriber fields and their corresponding “Unbounce” field IDs.
  7. On a new web browser window, login to your Unbounce account
  8. Go to the dashboard of the landing page you wish to integrate with
  9. On the right side, you will see “WebHook: POST to URL” button:
  10. Copy the special URL displayed to you in your Sendloop account:
  11. Paste the copied URL to the opened window in your Unbounce account:
  12. Click the “Continue” button
  13. Now, we will map Unbounce fields with Sendloop subscriber list fields. Click “Configure Field Mapping” button:
  14. On the left column, you will see the list of available Unbounce fields. On the right column, you will see their corresponding “field names” which will be used when posting the form data to Sendloop. If you don’t want certain fields to be posted, simply choose “Not Mapped” option from the list. For others you wish to post, name them as displayed in your Sendloop account:
    Copy field IDs from your Sendloop account (see above) and set them in your Unbounce WebHook settings (see below). You will need to choose “Add new field” option from the list to set copied field IDs:
  15. Once mapping is done, click “Done” button.

That’s all. Your Unbounce powered landing page is now fully integrated with your Sendloop powered subscriber list. Any form submissions on your landing page will be submitted to your Sendloop subscriber list in real-time. You can configure your Sendloop subscriber list to be double or single opt-in confirmed and also setup welcome email to be sent right after the subscription is confirmed. It’s a great way of delivering bonuses and gifts such as ebooks, white-papers or discount coupons after your lead subscribes.

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