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Introducing Levent, DevOps Guru

Written by Cem Hurturk on November 11, 2014

Here at Sendloop we are very excited to introduce you to our latest team member, Levent Ogut. Levent is going to be taking over responsibility for all of our critical backend development as well as our infrastructure management.

Levent is highly dedicated and works day and night to ensure that the industry leading Sendloop infrastructure is up and running  and able to handle the load.

Having worked in Juniper as Professional Services Consultant, Levent has a JNCIE certificate. As well as his qualifications, he’s highly experienced in network systems, server management and high performance backend application development for various programming languages.

Levent is passionate about sailing and travelling. When he’s not working, he likes to spend his time either on his boat or exploring new countries.

Welcome to our team, Levent.

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