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Introducing Sendloop Affiliate Program – 30% Monthly Recurring Commission

Written by Cem Hurturk on July 16, 2013

We are excited to announce our new partnership program: Sendloop Affiliate Program

Sendloop Affiliates now earn 30% commission for each sale they made. The best of our program is, the commission is monthly recurring as long as customer subscription continues.

So, if a customer subscribes to our 10,000 subscribers plan for $59/month, the Sendloop Affiliate gets $17.7/month commission.

Become a Sendloop Affiliate now and promote Sendloop to your customers, followers and audience. Access to your statistics such as visits, trial sign-ups, plan activations, plan de-activations and monthly commission statistics right from your Sendloop Affiliate center.

Sendloop Affiliate Program - Dashboard

Sendloop Affiliate Program – Dashboard

It takes only 30 seconds to become a Sendloop Affiliate and you get recurring 30% commission for each customer you bring in.

Interested in? Become a Sendloop Affiliate now.

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