If you’ve been following trends in email marketing or you’re looking for ways to improve your email marketing results you have probably heard of email automation. Email automation is often talked up as the next big thing in email marketing but does it really deserve all the fuss?

Email automation uses software that is programmed to send emails to certain people at certain times, triggered by their behaviour or the way they interact with your business. There’s no doubt that email has come a long way since the days of the simple e-newsletter and in spite of its longevity is still one of the most effective marketing techniques for businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

Why is email automation described as the ‘next generation’?

Email automation is often described as the next generation of email marketing because it lets you send highly personalised, tailored emails to each individual on your list, a strategy that’s proven to increase open rates and maximise conversions.

Time saving

Another feature of email automation is that it can save you or your sales and marketing team a lot of time. Once you set it up, email automation runs by itself, around the clock, seven days a week which is much easier and less time consuming than having to create weekly mail outs and newsletters for each segment of your target audience and send them manually.

Nurture prospects at every stage

Never before have we been able to gather information about our email prospects at each stage of the buying process and create automated emails that will nurture them down the sales funnel and through to becoming paid customers on an individual level.

Make the most of new technology

Like most other digital marketing tools, email automation platforms are evolving at a rapid rate in line with the development of new technology to accurately capture data and translate it into something meaningful that marketers can use. Some of the newer platforms offer features like real time monitoring, mobile integration and detailed triggering algorithms that can take into account multiple different factors when deciding what to send and when.

Email automation has transformed email marketing and given businesses the power to target and personalise their marketing emails to a level they have never been able to before. This makes it a real next generation marketing tool, which is only going to increase and grow in sophistication in the future.

Do you use email automation for your business? If not, then you could be missing out on ways to increase your return on investment and improve your email marketing results.

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