Email is far from being dead. It is still the most universal communication method on the Internet. However, a new story happens every few months and I hear forecasts that email is dead or dying due to the mobile phones and social networks that gain momentum. Email is not dying; actually, a social interaction with social networks has only increased email volume.

We are all getting more messages than ever before. Some marketing campaigns and spammers are sending unwanted messages to us. It causes clutters of unwanted messages in their inbox. On the other hand, you are signing up to receive email campaigns from services and companies that you think they are providing you an exciting content or useful information. These types of email campaigns are driving enormous revenue for companies who can send things to the right group of people and engage them easily by email. People start to use their mobile phones in order to get or send the messages anytime and anywhere and now mobile email becomes a strong strategic area for many companies.

Think about it for a second. What was your first thing you did on the Internet?

Creating your own email address right? It is an essential thing to communicate with people. You need it everywhere such as sign-up to forms, some websites. Whenever you get a new comment or someone added you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. you get an email.

As we all know, today email is not the only effective way to transmit our messages. Facebook and Twitter are other tools for humans to communicate with each other, but Facebook or even Twitter messages cannot replace email totally. Because, email is better when it come to archive, manage and download attachments are still greater than other social sites. If you need to access the specific conversation you can find it easily in the email. It seems more professional to email someone than to use Twitter or Facebook. Some companies or organizations don’t even allow social media in the office. Also, if you are trying to reach multiple people at one time, email is still a more convenient than using social networks.

Visible Gains has done a great work and displays the results of email are dead or not. They designed this info graphic about effective ways to communicate over the Internet. The result comes out that “email is far from dead and here to stay”.

Personally, the email will change its forms. The way we send or receive may change but not completely email itself. Email will be around forever. It may join with, but not replaced by other communication methods.

Let me know your answers below, eager to hear what your opinions are about the future of email.