Today I would like to share how email-marketing method works really well for your business and products. In The Denver Business Journal Jeff Kear wrote an article “Email Remains Biggest, Best E-marketing Medium”. In his article, he presented a summary of a promoting a business through email.  He displayed the summary of exciting email marketing statistics taken from different marketing firms.

  • 74% of all adults on the web prefer email as their method of commercial (i.e.,marketing) communication, and this preference is consistent across age group
  • More than 93% of all online individuals subscribe to at least one recurring marketing email campaign
  • 88% of all online individuals check their inbox every day, and 94% do so at least once every week

There are a number of reasons to use email-marketing service such as to promote a business or product, find potential new customers, stay connected and increase sales. The email marketing service comes with many good features

  • Auto responders
  • Tracking systems
  • Open Rate measureable
  • Create eye-catching adverts using the templates and designs
  • Interactive advertisements including audio and visuals
  • Sending emails fast
  • Low cost and measurable marketing channel

When using email marketing service like Sendloop, you will have all features needed to run a successful email campaign that cannot be found when sending emails by yourself. It is also a lot more technically advanced than any other marketing methods. You can easily measure your results. You can see clearly when someone opens your email, read it, sent it to trash, visit your website, or even make a purchase. You can also see who is not responding or unsubscribing your newsletter and then next time, you will not send your emails to those people. With this valuable information, you are able to see how your campaign works.

Time is very important in the world of business. Sending emails to clients and potential new clients is very time consuming when you try to send yourself.  It is not always easy to send hundreds or thousands of emails with personalized content.  Therefore using an email marketing service will save your money and your valuable time. Instead of spending a lot of money on flyers and advertisements, sending targeted email campaigns will have higher return on investment.

Because email marketing service saves your valuable time, you will be able to focus on your core business more.