Today I checked my emails and again saw one of the popular company’s campaigns about their products. They email me almost everyday about their discounts or new products. I get a lot of emails from different companies and I’m guessing you do too. So today, I started to unsubscribe those company’s emails that I am not interested getting anymore. My inbox began to feel cleaner and I began to feel much lighter.

There is no point in emailing people who are not interested in your product or service any more. So, let them unsubscribe it easily. Making it difficult to see cause complaints of spam, because they hit the “report spam” button. People will have a bad impression of your company’s reputation; so let them leave your list easily. Make it clear and easily visible is much better in the long run process. Because people can change their minds, and later if they decide to receive your offerings by email, they will sign-up easily.

Companies also may not waste time and money sending emails to the people whom no longer need any information. By displaying the unsubscribe link right at the top of the message, or first line after the body paragraph provide less work for both the companies and customers. Companies will know that they are only communicating with people who want to get information and people will not get frustrated by finding the way to unsubscribe. So, both you and your customers may win with this implementation.

Below is an example of our newsletter’s unsubsciption link. We are making the unsubscribe process for our customers as unfrastrated as possible. What about you?

An example of easy-to-notice unsubscription link