URL shorteners like bit.ly, tinyurl.com, ow.ly are tools, which convert your long hyperlinks to short links. They’ve become very popular after Twitter and other sites limit the length of your message. For instance, Twitter allows us to use maximum of 140 characters. If you want to write a longer message exceeds 140 character limits, you need to use these URL shorteners.

  • Before including a shortened link in your email have you ever thought it may affect negatively your deliverability rate

Why should you avoid using blacklisted URL shorteners in your emails?

Link shorteners cover where a link truly goes. Spammers also use the link shorteners to hide their website domains from the recipients. You can use link shorteneres on the social platforms, but you should not use link shorteners in your email campaigns.

If you use same link shortening domain that were used by spammers before, ISPs may block your emails.  If ISPs begin blocking emails that include same link shortening domain you use, they can start to block your emails as well. In other words, some ISP blacklists some domains, so if your content has a link to a blacklisted domain, it may not reach into the subscribers’ inbox.

Link shorteners work well for social media, but we cannot say the same thing for an email. Do not use link shortening service, especially blacklisted URL shorteners in your emails campaigns.

Below is the list of blacklisted link shortener service. But do not forget that this results we found may change over the time,

  • bit.ly
  • ow.ly
  • su.pr
  • lnk.co
  • cli.gs
  • fur.ly
  • twurl.nl
  • short.ie

You have some options if you don’t want to use long links in your emails.

  • Create your own link shortener. You can purchase a shortened domain, install a link shortening script such as shorty, yourls, kissa.be! and set up  your own link shortener. Using your own link shortener also brands your site. You subscribers will trust more if they see where the links take them to.
  • Link your long URls to the image or text in HTML version of your  email. While sending HTML emails, you can link your long URLs to the image or text. Your subscribers will not see the full URL in your emails.

Your emails might not be delivered if you use blacklisted link shortener service which I pointed out above. I hope for your next campaign you will consider not to include these services in your emails.