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MicroConf’13 Europe is just around the corner

Written by Cem Hurturk on October 3, 2013

MicroConf'13 Europe

There’s a conference for self-funded startups, and the good news is, the next event is in Europe. If you are an entrepreneur running your own startup, or if you are in love with bootstrapping, this conference is the right one for you.

Peldi (Balsamiq), Dave Collins (Software Promotions), Sherry Walling, Andy Brice (Successful Software), Dan Taylor (AppsEvents), Rob Walling (HitTail), Patrick McKenzie (Bingo Card Creator), Mike Taber (SingleFounder) and Adii Pienaar (WooThemes) are speakers of this great event.

The conference will be in Prague on 5-6 October and tickets are available here and we are proud of being a sponsor.

Learn what the MicroConf is from Jason Cohen (WP Engine):

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