It’s now much easier to send mobile friendly (responsive), beautiful emails to your customers. Send awesome notifications, product updates, bulletins and newsletter emails to your customers with Sendloop.

No more worrying about what your email looks like! Simply visit Sendloop’s Email Template Store and pick the right email template to match your needs. They are all mobile friendly (responsive) and highly optimized for email apps and devices.

Sending poorly designed and coded emails will dramatically decrease your email open and conversion rates. Making an email compatible with 40+ email clients and devices as well as making it mobile device friendly (responsive) is a really difficult and time-consuming process. You will need excellent HTML coding skills and you will need to have an in-depth understanding of email standards.

On the other hand, the world’s leading email design agencies can provide you with excellent ready-to-use email templates on our Email Template Store. Simply choose the right one and add it to your Sendloop account with one click. Then use our drag-n-drop email builder to edit your email content, without writing a single HTML code.

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