Did you prepare a good email marketing campaign for the holiday season?

A Holiday email campaign is doubtless the most perfect idea to stay connected with your customers. It is an opportunity to take action for your business or organization. You can promote your products, sales and services. Shoppers start spending this time of the year mostly, so competition can be tough during this time, below you can see some ideas that make your emails stand out in your customers’ cluttered inbox. Your holiday marketing efforts will give you the good results in the end. Here are some tips that help your email campaigns stand out from the crowd and bring more loyal customers to your business.

1. Send a thank you email from previous holiday sales

Give thanks to your customers for supporting your business from the past holiday. It will increase customer loyalty. Your customers will appreciate this and in return they may give you their support this holiday season as well. One-time shoppers can turn into repeat shoppers.

2. Make email campaigns attractive

Try to put an email message with an eye catchy subject according to this holiday season. Capture your customer’s attention into your campaign. You can use some humor or fun to it; let your audience feel that you value them and want them to have fun. Be creative!

3. Follow up email

When your customer has made purchase of your products, it is significant to ask about their satisfaction with it. Let them feel valuable. It will also give you a chance on how to make your products and services better. You can also add coming up products or discounts.

4. Respond to customer right on time 

Even tough those holiday seasons are the busiest time for you; you need to respond them on time.

5. Create email campaign series

Create an email series for this holiday season and present new gifts or discounts on different items each day.

6. Create sense of urgency for the last minutes shoppers

So many holiday shoppers wait until the last minute to make purchases. Send your last minute email campaigns in December that will attract this type of customers. They think they are running out of time for purchasing gifts, so you can high lighten the shipping deadlines or product or service availability.