It’is not a regular day, it is New Year! Did you know that customers tend to buy more on holiday season? Just think! New year songs, decorations, lights..! New year spirit and new hope is around! It is one of the best times to send a celebration email to your customers. You can also take the benefit of the high possibility of sales.

New year is a good time to increase sales, but be careful that your email doesn’t only focus on selling. You should always consider that celebration and appreciation emails create customer loyalty and it feeds recommendation. Also your New year email should make them feel they are important for you, so use your imagination to flatter them!

You can send a great looking email with only one sentence, like ‘We wish you all the best in new year’, it may not call them to buy your products or services, but it will definitely make them continue being a loyal customer in new year.

You don’t know how to send a proper New year email? No worries at all! Sign up now and use Sendloop’s great New year email template! It is responsive and ready to use! We wish you a great year!

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