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Notification emails re-designed

Written by Cem Hurturk on March 26, 2013

Today, we sat down and designed a new email layout for our own internal notification emails which go to Sendloop users. It’s a shame that even we are so experienced in this email marketing industry, we couldn’t spend enough time on our vey own notification emails.

Notification emails (transaction and life-cycle emails) are sent to our users when they sign-up, during password recovery process, when an email campaign is sent, and right after similar events are completed. Therefore, it’s quite important to make them user “friendly”.

Here’s an example from welcome email which is sent once visitor signs up for a Sendloop account:

Sendloop Welcome Email

p.s. Our notification emails are now mobile device friendly. We will explain how to make your email template mobile device friendly in coming blog post. Stay tuned.

Like the warm welcome email displayed above, we renewed every single notification email inside Sendloop. Now, we are feeling better 🙂

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