Make your loyal customers happy. We suggest you to present offers making them feel special on February, 14th the Valentine’s Day. Hence your customers will have a strong liking for you.

You can segment your emails upon gender. Use your e-mail to announce offered gifts and remind your customers of Valentine’s Day approaching. You can get faster action if you present your subscribers list by segmenting.  Moreover, you make it easy for your customers.


Turn your secret admirers into the fans filled with love. Valentine’s Day is a great day for people to express their love in public places. By sharing users’ comments about your products, clearly explain what your products are and what you are selling. They’ll like it.

Convert your blog readers into your holiday shoppers. Your blog is a medium that is much more than just sharing contents. It is a channel that you show what is happening on your shop. You can use your blog for sharing funny and unique gift ideas; of course you can do the same for your Valentine’s Day gifts. In your special emails for Valentine’s Day, you can offer your gifts segmented with regard to gender and support it by e-mail marketing.


Show everyone what love is. Offer promotions and additional services for last minute callers. Such as free shipping…

Make your users’ gift choice easier. Make it easy to find great gifts. Prepare separate web page for your Valentine’s Day gifts, let your users detect prices easily and specify the gifts as men/women.


Offer guaranteed shipping. February, 14th the Valentine’s Day. Not February 15th. Announce your guaranteed shipping period on your website, emails, e-bulletins and social media. This will definitely attract your users’ attention.

Pack a free gift of love angel. We recommend you to offer your promotional items to the customers who have bought your products. You may dress up your employees with “love”ly outfits. Your customers will like it.


Show romantic sides of your shop. Place visuals with Valentine’s Day concept on the main banner of your e-commerce website. Express your product descriptions with lovely words. You can make your logo special for the Valentine’s Day or you can design your shop based on Valentine’s Day concept.

Provide the return policy with your gift deliveries. Your customer service team can assist customers in selecting gifts; however, some may want to return their gifts due to various reasons. Making this procedure easier for your customers will be great for your brand reputation. Moreover, it is a perfect time to make your return policy visible on your website.


You can be active in Valentine’s Day by using social media tools. Social media is an important channel for your middle-size marketing. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day on social networks such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and pinterest with proper visuals.

Discounts and sales are equal to love. Make special promotions or discounts for your customers in Valentine’s Day. Offering discount coupons for their future purchases sounds perfect to us. Moreover, it is important to keep eye on what your rivals do. Presenting unique and different products will surely attract people’s attention.

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