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Our e-mail template gallery is getting richer with the brand new templates and designs as the days go by…

Written by Nalan Ahmetreisoglu on June 26, 2015

Sendloop who gave a new impulse to the field of e-mail marketing is so excited to be able to announce its new e-mail template store which offers responsive and user friendly templates. Within the scope of this template store you might use drag&drop editor and create professional-looking e-mails.

And what’s more: Those templates and different new designs are all free for all Sendloop users!

Previous week 16 responsive templates have beed added to the gallery. With the help of that much different specialty we believe that there is an e-mail template in our gallery for each need. You will choose your template and then without any technical skill or experience you will come up with the e-mail that you are looking for. You may send the perfect e-mail campaigns that your clients wish to see. In addition, it won’t stop there: Sendloop will continue to add more and more templates to its template store. In other words: Stay tuned! And to not to miss any update of Sendloop please subscribe.

All those e-mail templates are free of charge for those who use Sendloop.

Content may be composed and with the drag-and-drop editor without any help everyone can create the e-mail campaign that will meet the subscribers need.

Sendloop as the company which has more than 15 years of experience in e-mail marketing sector around the globe, will continue to offer up-to-date features and properties to increasing its customers not only e-mail marketing but also e-marketing success.

Let us show you how easy to create e-mail campaigns with those templates. Please click here to check this gallery out and see more than 60 templates. At least one of them is perfect for you!

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