Gmail has announced that they are going to change their DMARC policy in June. Since day 1 at Sendloop, we strongly encourage our users to register their own private domains and use these domains as “from” email address in their email marketing campaigns. Therefore, Sendloop users will not be affected from Gmail’s DMARC policy change.

Email marketers who set a gmail address as “from” email address in their email address will have zero email deliverability to Gmail starting from sometime in June. Because Gmail is going to change the tolerance level to third party senders as “reject”. In technical terms, the Gmail DMARC policy will be p=reject.

How does this change affect Sendloop users?

There will be no negative affect for Sendloop users. Because Sendloop users already use their own private domains to send emails.

Why Gmail has taken such a decision?

To stop spammers from spoofing email addresses. With the help of DMARC, no one can send an email through third party services (including Sendloop and all other email marketing services) with a Gmail from address. However, the side affect is, legitimate senders might be affected time to time.

What should be done?

The right solution is to register your own private domain through registrars (GoDaddy,, etc.) and then use these domains as your “from” email addresses. This is the best way to solve deliverability problems.

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