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Secure your account with mobile authentication

Written by Cem Hurturk on August 29, 2012

Email marketing is a critical activity and your data needs to be secured. It needs to be secured enough so that unauthorised third parties shouldn’t access your data.

Today, we launched a new level for your account security: Mobile device authentication

What does it mean?

Once it’s enabled in your account (we described the process below), you will be asked to enter a special authentication token every time you login to your Sendloop account. This authentication token will be generated on your mobile device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) and it will be valid for only 20 seconds. This means, even another person has gathered your username and password, he will need to access your mobile phone device to generate an authentication token.

How does it work?

Quite simple. We integrated Authy.com authentication system to your Sendloop account. Once you logged into your Sendloop account, simply click “Settings” on the top right menu. Then you will see “Account Security” tab on the screen. Click on it. You will be asked to enter your mobile phone country code and number. Once entered, Authy.com will send you an SMS including link to install the free Authy application to your mobile device.

Sendloop Authentication

Once it’s installed, on your next login, you will be able to generate the random authentication token to login to your Sendloop account.

Sendloop Login Screen

We hope you like this new security level. It can be enabled inside your Sendloop Account > Settings > Account Security section. We are interested in your feedback and thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment to this blog post or get in touch with us directly.

Stay tuned for coming updates.

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