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Sendloop is a proud sponsor of UX Alive

Written by Nalan Ahmetreisoglu on April 29, 2015

Within the scope of the UX Alive Conference, many important and globally known Turkish and foreign designers are coming together to exchange ideas and experiences about “Design for User Experience” and “Usability.”

During the conference participants will have a chance to listen to the speakers talking about subjects such as Omnichannel, finance, e-trade, mobile world, digital media, content marketing, start ups and UX methodology. Plus, game-changing workshops on various topics including user behaviour studies, the importance of design in software, and marketing sector and service design will be provided throughout the event by industry-leading experts.

At Sendloop, we care deeply about the user experience and we are happy to support UX Alive and be part of it. One of the speakers of the conference and our co-founder Mert Hürtürk will be sharing his ideas with participants about “Sendloop Users’ Experiences”

As one of the sponsors of UX Alive, we feel excited and honored and would highly recommend you don’t miss the conference!

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