For the last 1,5 days, Sendloop servers and 6,000 other servers were offline because of the power outage with the explosion and fire in H1 data centers (more info can be found here).

We have been in contact with ThePlanet Team during the recover process and finally they put all those 6,000 servers online in just 1,5 days. While we were quite concerned about the “offline” status of our servers, we were quite confident that could handle this situation in a short time and they did!

We apologize for any inconvenience during this unexpected extra-ordinary situation and want to congratulate team for their great efforts.

This was a great experience for us too! We learned the importance of a backup “notification center” for our services. So, we opened which is on a different hosting center. You can get instant updates about the status of Sendloop servers via

Addition to, you can also keep an eye on Twitter and Sendloop forum.

Thank you for your patience and understand. Have a nice week!