Sendloop is very excited to announce that we have just started sponsoring university clubs all around the world!

Clubs and organisations play an important role in university life both on and off campus. At Sendloop we recognise and appreciate how valuable university clubs are to the wellbeing and growth of their students and we are keen to offer our support.

Email marketing is the ideal way for organisations to promote themselves and university clubs are no different. We don’t believe that university clubs should have to pay to use essential email marketing services and keep their members up to date through email and now when they use Sendloop they won’t have to.

Wherever they are, our sponsored university clubs can use Sendloop to send their notifications, bulletins and any other emails they like for free! There is no time limit, no sending limit, and clubs can get full access to our easy to, feature packed email marketing service at absolutely no cost.

Click here to sign-up in seconds and get started for free! For any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.

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