You heard right! With Sendloop Whitelabel, adding a professional, feature packed and robust email marketing service to your business only takes a few minutes!

Your own brand, your own pricing, your own domain. No infrastructure investment, no development, and no technical skills required. We cover you.

Sendloop Whitelabel

We take care of email deliveries with one of the biggest, state of the art delivery infrastructures in the world. We keep your email marketing service at the cutting edge by adding awesome features. We take care of all the detailed infrastructure investments so your clients can send millions of emails every single hour. You simply focus on your business growth.

“The easiest” is our motto, and it’s also the philosophy we followed when developing the Whitelabel feature for you. It only takes minutes to activate the whitelabel feature and complete the setup. After that, you will have your own email marketing service, ready for your clients.

It’s 100% whitelabel. We stay stealthy in the background while we power up your email marketing business, so your clients never learn about Sendloop.

Best of all, we offer a special 20% discount on our base prices to make you competitive against all other ESPs.

If you have clients that you can offer email marketing services to, Sendloop Whitelabel is the right platform for you. Simply follow these easy steps to start making a profit!

  1. Sign up for a Sendloop account
  2. Enable the “Whitelabel” feature on the welcome screen
  3. Set up your custom domain
  4. Set up your pricing
  5. Set up your payout settings
  6. Rebrand the user interface and upload your own logo

That’s all. In a few minutes, your email marketing service will be up and running.

Do you want to see our whitelabel in action? Take a look at one of our whitelabel customers,

It’s now as easy as it can be to turn your agency into an email marketing service. Try Sendloop Whitelabel email marketing now.