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Sendloop WordPress plug-in has been updated

Written by Cem Hurturk on March 20, 2013

We developed the Sendloop WordPress plug-in from scratch and added some cool new features such as short code support, subscription form trigger and sidebar widget. Now, it gets benefits of Sendloop’s new subscription form editor.

Installation of the WordPress plug-in is easy and takes a few seconds. Detailed help article about installation and setup can be found here:


The new plug-in allows you to;

  • add a sidebar widget to your blog/website where your readers and visitors can subscribe to your mail list
  • ability to add a customised subscription link to your blog posts and page contents which will let your readers to subscribe to different lists
  • ability to open subscription form on any link by adding a class parameter to your links

Sendloop WordPress plug-in can be downloaded from WordPress site or directly inside your WordPress admin panel:


We hope you like our new WordPress plug-in. We appreciate your valuable feedback.

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