In these days, emails are mostly open on mobile devices, mainly on iPhone. Recipients decide to keep your email in inbox or remove it by taking look at three email parameters:

  • From (who sent me this email?)
  • Subject (what’s the topic of the message?)
  • Teaser (what’s telling me this email?)

In order to increase your open rates, you need to optimize these three parameters. It’s easy to set “from” and “subject” of your email but what about the teaser? iOS Mail application displays the partial content of your email as teaser. According to our tests, we found that it’s the first paragraph in your HTML code. Therefore, right after the body tag, you can add a paragraph and set your teaser for iOS devices.

Here’s an example code:

<p style="display:none;font-size:0;">This is the teaser you want to display on iOS devices</p>

Keep the teaser short and clear. Give some tips about your email content to your recipients. Make A/B tests to find the best from, subject and teaser for your recipients.

Here’s an example screen shot displaying same email with custom set teaser line and the one not set by the sender:

Setting teaser part of your emails on iPhone/iPad mail applications