Definitely yes. Before explaining detailed, let me explain what invalid email address is.

Invalid email address means any kind of “passive” email addresses in your lists such as;

  • incorrect email addresses (typos such as
  • out-of-date email addresses (subscriptions processed several years ago)
  • invalid email address domains / invalid mail servers

addition to these listed ones above, following two email address owner profiles are risky for you;

  • spam complaints
  • unsubscriptions
  • unresponsive email addresses (not opening, not clicking, deleting right away)

Whenever you send an email campaigns, number of invalid email addreses in your lists or number of those “risky” subscribers will affect your delivery reputation.

Do not forget. In today’s world, email services and spam filters decide to place an incoming email in inbox or spam folder based on your delivery reputation. So, increase on these invalid email addresses or risky subscribers will decrease your delivery reputation.

Some suggestions;

  • Keep your lists clean. Never send an email campaign to invalid email addresses (Sendloop monitors and filters these invalid email addresses for you)
  • Never send an email campaign to unsubscribed or spam complaint filed email addresses (Sendloop keeps these subscribers away from your campaigns)
  • Always use the same from email address and name for each recognition
  • Spend huge time on your email subject and email teaser to increase open rates
  • Protect the balance between texts and images in your HTML content
  • Always include “sender information” in your email content. Sender company name, physical address, phone number, contact email address and website address must be included in your email content
  • Always make the unsubscription noticeable in your email header and footer parts
  • Set a working and monitored reply-to email address to let your recipients contact you quickly
  • Include a notice in the email footer explaining how the recipient has been added to your list

Your #1 objective must be to encourage your recipients open your email and click links inside. In this way, depending on the “recipient engagement” rate you achieve, you will have higher or lower delivery reputation.