There’s a misconception in these days… Email senders believe that their open and conversion rates will go up when they send shiny emails with images, lots of colours, columns, different font-sizes, etc.

Email is the leading communication channel for business owners and customers. It’s just like a phone… Do you talk to your customers on the phone with video chat? Or do you simply call and talk to them? I can hear your answers…

So, why do we make things more complicated when communicating with email? Keep your emails plain, simple but converting…

Here’re some suggestions for your next email delivery (whether you send a notification email, monthly newsletter or product update email, doesn’t matter at all!)

  • Stay away from columns
    Columns make your email complicated and difficult to focus. Keep your email flowing and this is only possible with a single column.
  • Images? Use them whenever needed
    Yes, you heard right. Use images when needed. Remove twitter, facebook and similar social media image links from your email. Keep them simple. A single image for the main topic of your email will be sufficient.
  • Styling? Keep it plain but in HTML
    HTML email gives you ability to track email opens and link clicks. These two metrics are highly valuable for your business and lets you to track your return-on-investment. So, you should definitely send your email in HTML format. But this doesn’t mean that it should be filled with colours, images, columns, different font sizes, etc. Keep it plain, keep it simple… Use a header and paragraph, make your links clickable.
  • One call-to-action
    You have only a few seconds to get attention of your recipient. Use it wise. Include just one call-to-action in your email. Make it noticeable but plain…

Marketing is all about experimenting… For your next email delivery, prepare a brand new email design with no extra details… Just to the point… And track your metrics… Let’s see how your open rates, link click rates and conversions will change.