Because viral content spreads and boosts backlinks so fast, online marketers began to create viral content. Backlinks drive traffic directly to your website, increase your website traffic, help to get higher rankings and improve your search engine results in a very short time. Everyone wants their content to be read and shared by many people. Your content goes viral means that it turns out to be popular in a short period of time among visitors.

Below are my five advices to you that could help your content to spread fast in the online world.

Provide valuable content. The content should be unique, creative, exciting, informative and engaging to the people. If people will see the value of your content and enjoy reading or viewing, they will want to share it with their friends. It could be a text, a video or a picture. It should be compelled to share it with everyone.

Don’t be a pushy seller. Try to entertain your visitors instead of pushing. No body wants to share aggressively selling content. Instead you can tell an interesting story in your content. You can grab their attention with your humorous content and your viewers will share it quickly if they are entertained what they read.

Create an interaction. Make your content interesting first and after you are done with your content, ask interactive questions to you visitors or simply tell them to share your content. Create an energetic atmosphere that people want to give their comments or involve in discussions around your content

Always follow the trends. It will attract many visitors. People are eager to learn what’s happening in the world right now. It will attract many readers’ attention. You can use Google Trends service to know the latest trends and most searched topics among people.

Use a graph, chart or infographic. If you use a graph, chart or infographic for your content, it will make a visual effect for people. People prefer to learn looking at an image than reading long text articles without any image.

Go beyond your competitors content. If your competitor gives top 5 tips for the same topic that you also want to share, try to increase your content to top 10 tips. Your titles should stand out from the other articles. Use catchy headlines in your content to grab their attention in seconds.

As a part of your marketing strategy, these ideas will help your content to go viral and create brand awareness among people. If you have any suggestions about how to make a content goes viral, please share it in the comments below.