This is the scenario: You are preparing to send your weekly newsletter to 10,000 recipients. You sat down and started to write your email content. After two hours, your email content was ready. You logged into your email marketing service provider account, proceeded to the email campaign builder.

You copied the email content from your computer and pasted into the email campaign builder. Proceeded to the next step where you set recipients and email meta data such as subject, from name, from email address and reply-to email address.

You were so tired and bored, therefore you selected target recipient lists, entered your company name to the “From” name and set the from and reply-to email address to “”. As a last effort, you hit the “Send” button.

Now you were relaxed, campaign was on the way to your recipients and you were looking at your campaign reports screen to see how many of your recipients were opening your email, and coming to your website.

However, while you were looking at your screen, lots of recipients received your email were hitting the “Reply” button to get in touch with you, but no luck! Because you have set an unmonitored email address as your from and reply-to address.

Can you imagine the number of potential engagements you have lost in just a few minutes?

Okay, let’s sit back and think for a second. What’s your goal with your email campaigns? Achieving a high open rate? Driving more traffic to your website? Pushing your recipients to click the call to action button in your email? All these goals are grouped under “recipient engagement” term. And #1 action for recipient engagement is to reply back to the email received. You will be amazed when you track the number of recipients who get in touch with by by clicking “Reply” button. These recipients are the ones who are fully engaged and ready to convert! So, why do you block this?

To stop loosing customers, simply follow these steps in your next email campaign:

  1. Always use the same “From” name in your emails. This can be your company name, your name or the name of your brand. Doesn’t matter. Keep it short and keep it same.
  2. Always use a monitored email address as “From” and “Reply-To” email address in your emails. Do your best to reply back to these emails received from your recipients. Don’t forget these are the most active and engaged recipients who are ready to convert.
  3. Keep your email subject line short and to the point. Never try “tricky” methods such as writing in UPPER CASE or personalising with meaningless recipient information
  4. Always add your sender information (company name, contact address, contact email address and phone number) into your email content

These are easy-to-apply tricks which will definitely boost your conversions.

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