So you write an email, you hit send and then at the exact moment it disappears you realise you’ve forgotten to include something, you spot a glaring typo in the subject line or you realise that you’ve linked to the wrong landing page.

We’ve all been there are one time or another and unfortunately when it comes to email, once it’s gone you can’t take it back and change it and even worse, if you have sent it to your entire distribution list, your mistake is there for all to see.

To avoid damaging your credibility, not to mention the embarrassment of having to send awkward follow up emails it’s a good idea to create a checklist of things to make sure you have done before you hit the send button.

Here at Sendloop we thought we would help you out by giving you our top ten list of things to check before you send your next marketing email.

  1. Are there any typos or spelling mistakes? Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ more loudly than a marketing email with typos, extra spaces and misspelt words. When proofreading your email, try reading it out loud slowly to ensure that you don’t miss any little errors.
  2. Do your links work? Make sure they direct your readers to the right site and relevant landing page where applicable.
  3. Is there a clear call to action? Make sure the call to action is obvious, easy to click on and displayed prominently.
  4. Is there a clear link so that readers can unsubscribe? This is more than just a common courtesy, it’s is a legal requirement in many countries.
  5. How does your email look on different devices? Does it show up well on mobile devices, computer screens and in different email platforms? It’s always worth checking that your images and text display correctly on different platforms.
  6. Is your subject line relevant and free of typos? Sometimes people use placeholder subject lines when creating their emails. Make sure you change it before you hit send!
  7. If you are personalising your emails make sure the data is imported correctly and any fallbacks you have make sense if the customer data is incomplete.
  8. Ensure your ‘from’ name makes it clear who the sender is. Using your business name is usually a good idea.
  9. Does your email comply with the spam laws in the relevant countries where your recipients reside? Failing to comply with spam legislation can be costly and affect your deliverability.
  10. Is the message being sent at the best time of day to ensure high levels of recipient engagement? You may need to do some testing to find out the best days and times to send to your audience.

Before you send any marketing email, make sure you check all the above. When it comes to email marketing, mistakes can affect your credibility and as they will be seen by everyone on your mailing list, there is no way to hide them!

Why not take a few minutes before sending your next marketing email and go through our checklist? A quick check before you press send can save you time and energy correcting mistakes afterwards!

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