The best email marketing is part art, part science and a well planned and executed email marketing strategy can be of great benefit to your business. Whether you’re looking to build your email marketing strategy from the ground up, or you want to improve the results of your current email marketing campaign, the following tips will help you build a great strategy that can help boost your business over the long term.

Step 1: Set goals for your email marketing:

Without a clear purpose, your email marketing strategy is going to be a shot in the dark. The first step to creating a strategy is to decide what purpose your email marketing is going to fulfil in your business. Maybe you want to create more leads, improve interaction with your subscribers or attract more visitors to your site. Your entire strategy will be based on your goals so it’s important to get them decided upfront

Step 2: Determine your target audience

Once you know what you want to achieve, the next step is to decide who you want to target. This lets you narrow down your email marketing and create specific, targeted emails to appeal to your chosen segment of people. Your intended audience will be the people you want to purchase your products or services and the more information you have about them, the more effectively you can target your email marketing.

Step 3: Build your email list

An email marketing strategy is only effective if there is someone on the other end, reading the emails. Building a list of engaged, active subscribers is the cornerstone of any successful email marketing strategy and it should be an ongoing process. As your list grows, your email marketing results should also improve. If you’re not sure how to grow your list you can find some ideas here.

Step 4: Create the right email content.

Now that you know who you’re targeting and what you want to achieve with your email marketing, the next step is to create relevant content that will appeal to your target audience. The best email content isn’t self promotional but focuses on helping the reader with a problem they are experiencing, or entertaining them in some way.

Step 5: Work out the best time to send

How often you send emails will depend on your goals and how much time and resources you have available to write the emails. Consistency is a big part of successful email marketing so it’s worth creating a schedule to keep you on track sending at regular intervals. It’s also important to think about what time of day you want to send your emails. Different times of day can make a big difference to your overall open rates but you might need to experiment to find the best time for your audience.

Step 6: Track your results

Sending out your emails without tracking the results means you could miss out on opportunities to learn what works and refine your campaigns for better results in the future. Using an email marketing program like Sendloop lets you track your open rates and click through rates so you can see when your campaign is hitting the target and when it might need a bit of tweaking.

Whatever your business goals are, email marketing can help you achieve them. By creating a well thought out email marketing strategy and seeing it through you can improve your email marketing results and reach your goals sooner.

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