A popular way to measure email marketing results is by monitoring the click through rate. If you aren’t aware, your click through rate is the number of times your readers click on a link in your email.

The link can take them to a relevant page on your site or to a specific landing page where they can complete an action.

A marketing email with no links is not going to give you any opportunities to attract traffic to your site, but at the same time you don’t want to spam your readers with dozens of different links as this can affect the quality of their experience and be very overwhelming for them.

While too few links will be detrimental for your click through rate, too many can be just as harmful. Determining the right number of links to include in your marketing emails can be tricky and there is no absolute formula that is guaranteed to send your conversion rates skyrocketing.

Why should I include links in my marketing emails?

The main reason why email marketing is so popular is that it gives you an opportunity to drive more traffic to your site.

Adding links to your emails gives your readers a reason to go to your site and if they like what they see they may spend time there, click on a few other links and possibly buy something from you or send you an online inquiry.

Although links are important, you can’t just send through a list of links in an email. Readers want content and good email content gives them a reason to look at your email and to click on the links inside it.

Having the right number of links in your marketing emails is essential. Too many links and you will run the risk of looking spammy. Too few and there won’t be enough opportunities for readers to click on your links and convert.

So how many links should I include in my emails?

The optimum number of links will depend on the length of your emails and how much text they contain. To find out how many links will give you the best click through rate, you will probably need to undertake some testing.

Start with a few links and then increase until you get the best results. If you notice your emails being bounced as spam or your click through rates decline, remove some links.

As a rule you don’t want to use more than one link for every 50 words or you run the risk of triggering spam filters. It’s often better to use fewer links but use the content in your email to create interest and intrigue so your readers will be more likely to click on the link to find out more.

Improving your click through rate can have a huge effect on your website traffic and can impact your sales and conversion rate. Links are the key to getting great click through rates so it’s important to make the most of them if you want your email marketing to succeed.

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