A well designed marketing email can reinforce your brand, improve your click through rate and encourage readers to buy your products or services. Unfortunately, if your emails are  badly designed, they can send your would be customers away in droves.

When it comes to marketing, people really do judge a book by its cover. If your marketing emails aren’t getting you the results you want there is a very good chance that the design could be to blame.

The best designed emails don’t just look stunning, they are also easy to read and navigate with a clear message and call to action.

Here are the five essentials of a well-designed marketing email.

1. Brand consistency

Your marketing emails should be designed to match your business branding. Make sure your logo is displayed and the colour scheme and font are all consistent with the rest of your online and print marketing. This helps promote your brand image and makes your emails instantly recognizable.

2. Responsiveness

With so many people now accessing email from smartphones it’s essential that your marketing emails look great on any device. Make sure you are using a responsive template so that your readers can see your emails in their full glory no matter what device they are using.

3. Simple design

An overly cluttered design can be overwhelming for readers. Trends in email design tend to be towards visual and sleek, with a focus on simplicity. Avoid making them too lengthy or trying to cram too many images and call to action buttons on a single page.

4. Clear call to action

Your email should contain one or more calls to action – these are the links the readers will click on to visit your site and make a purchase. The call to action is a major element of your email design and it should be positioned prominently near the top of the email. Use a different coloured text for your call to action and make sure it stands out.

5. Minimal text

Although you will need to have some content in your email it’s a good idea to avoid designs which rely on big chunks of text. Your recipients may not have time to read through a long email, they want to find information quickly and move on.

Fortunately you don’t need to be an HTML expert to take charge of your email design. If you are using an email marketing service like Sendloop you will have access to a number of templates which allow you to easily design your own marketing emails using a drag and drop design feature.

Don’t let dodgy design get your email marketing down! Follow our design tips to improve your click through rates and see great results from your marketing emails.

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