You always need to try to strike a balance between informative text and images. Imagery is one of the most effective tools in visual design. Therefore, having well-shot and clear images can make an email newsletter campaigns look dynamic and vivid. The customers can see how the product or service works. You need to know the goals of your email campaigns and the results you want to achieve in order to find a good balance between the content and the image.

Images in the newsletter can offer relax and airy atmosphere to its visitors. When you want to highlight the text in your email newsletter, images are the best techniques for this. If you achieve, you will hold your visitor’s attention for longer and they will wait for your latest news.

Selection of design images and its colors are very important for the customers to get their attentions and keep it to the end. You need to display right amount of images and place them in a right place. Your newsletter should contain as much information as your customers would like.

An email which has a heavy image and poor text content may have great visual appeal but it will be blocked by many Spam filters and the open rates will decrease. Therefore, email marketers should design their messages with image blocking in mind, and consider how they read without the images. On the other hand, an email campaign which is text heavy may be overwhelming for the reader’s and may not hold the reader’s attention long enough to get the message across.

The success depends on the well-managed balance of both image and text. 

Good example of an image and text balance


Bad example of image and balance