We, as Sendloop, aim to inform you not only about the services that we offer, but also other pieces of important information about e-mail marketing that you might benefit. We sometimes give small tips on our Twitter or Facebook updates. Personalization is one of the topics we touch upon frequently. Personalization is of central value for professional businesses, especially for e-mail marketing business.

In e-mail marketing reaching a wide number and range of customers is crucial. Nowadays people are bombarded with information on the internet. These sometimes include offers that they would be interested, but also other times things that they prefer not to be bothered by. So, we know that you would not want to miss any opportunity to reach your customers. We also know that no one, including your customer, would never want to miss an offer that is special for them. Everyone loves being special and unique, and that’s why among all the messages they receive during the day, they only read the ones that is specifically directed at them.

Personalization in e-mails achieves just this and makes your customers feel special. It increase open rates, click through rates, and most importantly conversation rates. Are you now wondering about the magic recipe for personalization? Easy! The only you need to do is to insert your recipient’s name and other personal information you have. Research shows that in this case the response rate will be 42%, compared to the 10% rate if you had only addressed your customer as the “dear reader”. Addressing e-mails to individual recipients and signing the email with real person names are also important. For example instead of having “Here’s a special discount for recommending us to your friend!” as your subject line, you will win if you use the following line: “John, here’s a special discount for recommending us to your friend, Mike”. Consumers do not like span, and like receiving relevant messages. Thus, customer-centric e-mails and highly personalized e-mails will enable you better engage your customers.

Like in everything in business, the devil is in the details. Be careful when you are using personalization. For example do not use missing or incorrect information in your e-mails. If you use “Jon, here is a special discount for recommending us to your friend, Mikeeee” instead of “John” and “Mike”, you will lose. Little mistakes like this lead customers believe that the e-mail is not personalized, but is spam. So, the customer deletes the e-mail before reading and reports you as spam, both of which you definitely want to avoid!

If you can keep personalization in balance, use it not too frequently and not too rare, you will be quickly amazed by the success of your email marketing campaign. And yes, Sendloop gives you all the support you need in order for you to use personalization in the best way!