‚ÄúThink different” was an amazingly Apple marketing campaign. What we have seen Steve Jobs do throughout his career it would be fair to accept that he has been acting on completely different level. You need to come up with whole bunch of idea and select some that you think are good enough for your campaign. Before you are writing your emails, think about the time that your customers see your campaign in their inbox. If you were sending your emails after 1pm, this time try to send them before 1pm. But just keep in mind, after numerous testing times it is found that 9am to 1pm is the fittest for sending emails.

Do not start with a straight sell like %25 off, they may delete right away or mark your massage as spam. You need to share a conversation, create an attractive content and a subject line. Keep your campaign simple, short but yet effective. If you are using plain text, try switching to HTML. Sendloop has also this feature; you can get information from us any time for your email campaigns.

Play around with your design and make a new design for your next campaign, but do not forget when changing the design, keep branding same, otherwise your recipients may not recognize your branding and this may cause opt-out or spam complaint. Remind your customers about the time that they sign up for receiving your emails.

Create a background color or if you already have one, change it to a different color. You can also change call to action content location, such as moving purchase button to top or left to right. Wake your customers up with a fresh new look with the information where they want to see it and a campaign that calls attention to the changes.

Think different, you will appreciate and proud of thinking and looking in other way!