As we wrap up our busy workweek, I can’t help myself thinking my weekend plans. I will be busy chatting with my friends, catching up on each other probably to night; Saturday and Sunday are waiting me for a great walk in the nature. And before Monday starts, I will be also busy cleaning-out my emails and surfing the web. I love to keep in touch with people more over the weekend. People always question the best time to send campaigns at Sendloop. Most studies support that sending email on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will yield the best results. But you need to understand your customer’s preferences and habits when planning the sending time.

One way to make the determination is to ask your audience what they prefer. Simply let subscribers know you need their help to ensure that your delivery is efficient and convenient for them. Another way is building-in A/B split campaign to test delivery dates and the results will show you the best time sending emails.

It needs a whole discussion about this topic, but you can post during the weekends also. You should not dismiss weekends as they can generate responses that are worthy for some people. Some of your customers may prefer opening up their emails during the weekends, especially during the winter. So why not try sending your email campaigns on the weekends. We will be happy if you also share your opinion with us.

Have a great weekend everyone.