Staying in touch with your customers through an email marketing campaign is great for business.  It shows that you are an excellent resource for information that you consider important enough to share.  It increases your credibility when the articles are thought provoking and useful to their needs.  Your customers will reward you with their loyalty and continue to purchase your products or services.  But how do you ensure that they will open your emails?  Recipients have become very savvy and ruthless in deleting their emails so let’s take a look at how to improve the odds of them opening them.

Subject Lines

A compelling subject line will get your emails opened. Here are some guidelines:

  • A subject line of 41 characters or less has a higher click through rate.
  • Personalize it to grab their attention. Include their name and any other personal information you may have. For example, ‘Bill, is it time for a new motorcycle helmet?’ The more personal information you have, the better you can offer segment marketing campaigns.
  • Create a sense of urgency using time or quantity. For example ‘Bill, only 5 days left’.
  • Formatting is important. Format like the email is coming from a friend. Do not capitalize, use exclamations or the words ‘free’ or ‘sell’. These words may cause the email to go write to the trash folder.
  • Your From address should contain the name of your company or the product that they are familiar with. If they don’t know who the sender is, chances are they won’t open it.
  • If the subject line isn’t about saving money, consider one that offers useful advice such as a learning opportunity or an e-book that suits their personal interests.
  • An entertaining subject line, witty and fun content will engage them enough that they may forward it to their friends and colleagues.

Sending Times

Use Sendloop to monitor when your emails are opened.  Send half in the morning and half in the evenings.  If you can determine that the emails are going to a business email address, then they will most likely be opened during the day.  A personal email may get opened in the evening or early morning.

Monitor Statistics

Not only is it important to monitor when they are opened, it is also necessary to analyze your click-through rates, unsubscribe rates and spam complaints.  Continue to experiment with different subject lines, frequency and content.  It’s worth the time to come up with compelling subject lines and content to build and grow a successful business!