If you like to send an email and do not know what to send, where to start, this blog post will be a perfect beginning for you.

You need to be good at content creation in order to provide interaction, social sharing, and engagement. Below is a list of content ideas that will help you to develop or improve your content based on your potential customer’s values or needs.

  1. Share research or survey results about your company, industry, product, event, etc.
  2. Produce a case study featuring your product or service
  3. Interview with an expert, a customer or an employee
  4. Write an educational, do’s and don’ts and how-to tips articles
  5. Share your company’s or services new application or development
  6. Share behind the scenes of your company or service
  7. Identify common problems of your customers and give some suggestions on the articles
  8. Give reviews about products or service using direct people to third-party websites or articles
  9. Showcase your partners or sponsors
  10. Give information, news and statistics about your company or industry
  11. Talk about a topic or hobby that you like in some of your posts
  12. Write about an event you or your company is attending and after the event write how it went and share some pics or videos from the event
  13. Share your companies success
  14. Relate your articles to the season. For example Sendloop wrote blog posts and released a newsletter last month about how to get a success from email-marketing campaigns for holiday promotions.
  15. If you attend a seminar, webinar or conference write an article about it

Don’t forget to ask your subscribers what they would like to read in your email newsletters and next time make sure you provide it for them. If you think there are more content ideas we would love to hear from you in the comments.