Email engagement will become more important for marketers. Social media, marketing automation and content marketing are going hand in hand in 2012. Marketers will focus more on increasing the engagement and establishing a meaningful conversation among the users. Marketers will focus more sending the campaigns in right time, right place and right customers. Those 5 latest email-marketing trends for 2012 will help you to create your marketing plans successfully and support you to accomplish your goals.

Focus More on User-Generated Content
Email marketers will create a relevant and fresh content to the users and try to make a better engagement with customers. Marketers will focus more on user generated content and getting customers feedback on their service or products. Targeted content and better connections by using different marketing channels will be more active than past years.

Segmentation and Personalization
Marketers not only knows users name and last name, but also they need to know more about subscribers needs, behaviors or preferences. Therefore, segmentation will become more important. Marketers will split their list based on the subscriber’s habits, interests, age, location, etc. to achieve highest sales with the personalized offers. Users will get individual information and save their time and marketers will also gain their loyalty to the company.

Better Campaigns and Analytics

Marketers will concentrate sending meaningful and creative campaigns more. They will also focus on improving their online marketing analytics of their business by checking the web, social media and other channels.

Email Marketing & Social Media Integration

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing will interact each other more. Users feedbacks will be more important for companies. Social media interaction to reach the customers and give a better service to them will be the companies first and for most priorities. Marketers should open Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, use these or other social platforms effectively to get a higher traffic to their sites, make more sales, have a stable and loyal engagement with the users.

Mobile & Video
People are checking their emails often on their smartphones. This trend is becoming more popular over the time. Therefore, marketers will create their emails mobile friendly in order reach the smart phone users. Marketers began to use videos in some of their emails. When the subscriber clicks and opens the email newsletter the video starts.

Email Marketing will continue to grow in 2012 around marketers. Keep in mind these trends will help you to create or evaluate your marketing plans by looking at these top-marketing trends. If you have an idea about what other email marketing trends will shape the industry in 2012, share your comments with us.