If your target customers use Twitter, then Twitter is one of the best marketing channels for your business. Through Twitter you can regularly appear in your target customers’ feeds and promote your services and products.

Generating leads for your business is the “fuel” for your sales and revenue stream. Without lead generation, you will not be able to stabilize your revenue stream and your business will stall over time.

Twitter makes lead generation easy! Back in May 2013, Twitter announced its new “lead generation card” feature for marketers. Since then, ten thousands of businesses all around the world have utilized this smart advertising feature to build a good, responsive lead database for their businesses.


Collecting leads through Twitter advertising is useless unless you have a fully integrated marketing automation system for follow up. This is where Sendloop comes into play.

Once the Sendloop marketing automation system is integrated with your Twitter lead generation card, it will instantly pull over new leads once they click the “Click here” button on your Twitter advertisements. In real-time, you will see leads coming in… The next step? Planning the marketing activities for your new leads and converting them to customers…

How to integrate Twitter lead generation cards with Sendloop

In just 4 steps, you can have complete integration between Twitter and Sendloop. If, at any point, you need help or have any questions, just get in touch with us via hello@sendloop.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Step 1: Create a subscriber list for your leads

On your Sendloop account, you will first need to create a subscriber list to store incoming leads from your Twitter advertisements. If you have an existing subscriber list, you can use that instead of creating a new one.

After logging in to your Sendloop account, click the “Subscribers” link on the top menu. Then click the “Create new list” link and follow the steps to create your new list.

On the overview page of your new list, click the “Integrations” link. On “Twitter Lead Generation Cards”, you will find the required information for your Twitter lead generation card.

Step 2: Create your Twitter lead generation card

Go to your Twitter advertisement page, click the “Creatives > Cards” menu option. Then click the “Create Lead Generation Card” button.

Enter all requested information including short description, card name, privacy policy URL, etc.

You will notice a “Data Settings (optional)” section. Click and expand that section.

Copy and paste the URL displayed on your Sendloop account page into the “Submit URL” field.

Below the “Submit URL” field, enter the special names for the information that will be received from your Twitter users: Name, Email and Screen name. These special names are also displayed on your Sendloop account.

Then add a “Custom hidden data value” by clicking the “Add hidden field” button. Set the key of this field to the one displayed on your Sendloop account page. Do the same for the value of this field.

That’s all. Now click the “Create card” button and save it.

Step 3: Create your Twitter ad campaign

Now you can create your Twitter ad campaign including the lead generation card you have just set up. Once your advertisement is published, incoming leads will immediately publish to your Sendloop account, ready to receive your marketing emails.

With Twitter lead generation cards and Sendloop integration, you can reach thousands of high potential leads in a few days.

What does the integration between Twitter Lead Generation Cards and Sendloop actually mean?

Collecting leads from your Twitter ad campaigns is a great way to build your potential customer list quickly. But your new leads won’t do anything for you unless you start marketing to them.

This is where Sendloop plays a crucial part. With this quick and very effective integration, leads generated by your Twitter advertisement will be captured by Sendloop instantly and any previously set email marketing campaigns can be automatically executed. Here are some examples;

  • For each incoming lead, send a welcome email and offer a special discount coupon if they purchase within the next hour.
  • Every Friday, send a weekly “latest blog posts” newsletter to your lead list. The content can be automatically generated from your blog RSS feed (thanks to Sendloop’s RSS-to-email feature).
  • Every day, send a “Today’s top discounted product” email automatically to your new leads.

These are just some examples you can set up and activate in minutes. And don’t forget, we have more than 60 responsive (mobile friendly) email templates which you can use on our drag-n-drop email builder to get started quickly.

Let us know how we can continue to improve our Twitter Lead Generation Card in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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