The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching. It reminds us of love, hope, red and pink decorations. Undoubtedly that it is a blessing for small businesses.
During this period, e-mail marketing may help you make high profits since your e-mail goes directly to your customer’s e-mail address. Hence you contact your customers and represent your products personally. You may figure out e-mail marketing for Valentine’s Day as: You send cupid’s arrow to targeted special people and the magic of the arrow set them in motion.

Without losing any time, let’s start with 12 suggestions!

Planning example might be as follows:

1. Firstly, prepare your visuals, offers, texts and scheduling strategy to put your customers in action. One of the most important things while doing this is not to turn off your receivers.

First e-mail campaign: Your first offer
 On February, 2 2016 second e-mail campaign: Reminding of your offer

On February 11, 2016 third reminder of your e-mail campaign: You may send your emails by using the titles like “Last 3 days for Valentine’s Day.”

On February 16 2016: It will be great to send “thank you” email to your customers who have purchased your products and/or services.

2. We recommend you to use a specially crafted Valentine’s template. The visuals you use , the texts you type, etc. shall reflect the spirit of the day.

3. We encourage you to segment your list of subscribers. You can split your list by gender for Valentine’s Day. By preparing different emails to men and women users, you can send appropriate emails for either side. Men products and services for women; women products and services for men. But your emails for either side shall be in the same language and tone.

Email campaign of LANDS ‘END clothing company for Valentine’s Day:

4. Make sure that your offer is attractive. Most people are still making payments of Christmas spending. Here, we recommend you to adapt your proposals in accordance with their conditions. Your offers shall be encouraging to put your receivers in action.

5. You can make alliances with other companies. While presenting your products or services, additional products and services can be offered. For example, you can welcome your customers with special red roses while providing them Spa massage service on Valentine’s Day. Or you run a restaurant, you may leave red roses on the table or you sell jewelry, you can present free spa massage for your customers or if you are a travel agency, you can distribute discount coupons to restaurants … etc.

6. We recommend you to prepare a custom email campaign for the people who purchased your services and/or products on Valentine’s Day last year. If you can provide them a suitable offer, they will shop from you again.

7. Provide super easy opportunities for your customers to access the advantages of your offers. If your customers want to reach you via phone in order to locate your stores etc., your phone number must be easily noticed in e-mail or on your website, upper-left corner of your website or your email can be a good place for it. Be sure to check the links that you give for your product. And remember discount coupons and promotional codes always work.

8. By placing the references and positive comments made about you in your email, you can support your offers. Most people pay attention to the satisfaction of others while shopping.

9. It would be great if you could inspire people by your email in Valentine’s Day. For example, gift selections for men are very difficult in general. You can offer 10 of your possible gift products to them.

As an example for this:

10. We definitely recommend you to use “send to a friend button” to facilitate the spread of your e-mail.

11. You can arrange a small contest that people may win small gifts in Valentine’s Day. Hence, you can collect e-mail addresses of interested people and grow your subscriber list.

12. Prepare for Valentine’s Day postcards and send them to your loyal clients. We are sure that it will make your customers happy and strengthen customer loyalty.

The official colors of Valentine’s Day is pink and red, but at the end of the day, if you follow our suggestions you can be sure that green will be your color.
If you need any help about e-mail marketing, please feel free to contact us. You can even start with signing up Sendloop.

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