We’re on Pinterest. What about you?

You’re already using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Google+ for your business and recently you heard Pinterest and want to learn more about it. So let’s talk about Pinterest and how it will help you to market your business.

Sendloop's Pinterest Board

What is Pinterest?

It allows you to share things you like on the web on your Pinterest board and it also lets you promote your own products and services, and share them with everyone. Pinterest is a new marketing and social community service, so why not get a benefit from it.

Pin what you really love about your business or put out products on this social pin board. Pinterest could be a really valuable marketing tool for your marketing campaign. You will build followers who are really interested in seeing your products or checking out your service.

How to use Pinterest?

Create your own pinboards and pin anything you find interesting, pin things you love on the internet or photos of your products or services. It lets you create and organize your own board on your page. The traffic coming from Pinterest has more possibilities of converting potential visitors into buyers.

Want to get some inspiration for your email campaigns, then we’r waiting you on our Pinterest page. Begin to promote your product or service via Pinterest. If someone likes what you display, they will pin it to their own board and their followers see it.  They may like it, repin it or buy it. You will build up your followers and get revenue via Pinterest.

After creating Pinterest page for your business, share it on the social platforms and of course send email to your subscribers and let them know you’re on Pinterest.

In my next blog post, I will explain how you can get an advantage from Pinterest for your all email marketing affords. So stay tuned!